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Envelopes are printed in two ways. One is to do a large number of blank envelope and then print the customer request information. It is characterized by the envelope is very beautiful, but the printing can not do full-color and very good margin. Another way is use flat paper to do printing at first and then die-cut and folding envelopes. Customer can use any paper and color by this way.

Stock envelope with printing 500pcs 1000pcs 2000pcs
Pocket round flap 4"x9" print 1C 220 270 460
Pocket round flap 4"x9" window print 1C 230 290 510
Pocket flat flap 4.5"x9.5" print 1C 240 300 540
Pocket flat flap 4.5"x9.5" window print 1C 260 330 580
Wallet style 11x22cm print 1C 230 280 490
Wallet style 11x22cm window print 1C 240 300 540
Diamond style 4"x9" print 1C 230 290 510
Diamond style 4"x9" window print 1C 250 320 570
Pocket 6"x9" white woodfree paper print 1C 430 675 1270
Pocket 6"x9" brown kraft paper print 1C 415 635 1200
Pocket 9"x12" white woodfree paper print 1C 470 755 1430
Pocket 9"x12" brown kraft paper print 1C 460 725 1370
Extra printing 1 Color more 120 120 160

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

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