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Large format inkjet poster

There are indoor and outdoor printer. Printing quality by indoor printer is more smooth and colorful. It is UV and water proof for outdoor printer. Please contact us for any questions.

Out door water proof per SQ
Nylon 520 inside lighting 50
Nylon 520 outside lighting 50
Nylon 550 outside lighting 55
Nylon matt 60
Nylon ultra smooth 90
Grid layout 90
Nylon black base outside lighting 65
Nylon both side 180
High resolution silk cloth 120
High resolution canvas cloth 130
High resolution grid layout 90
High resolution flag cloth 120
High resolution 3M car sticker 140
High resolution high quality car sticker 120
High resolution standard car sticker 80
High resolution back light film 140
High resolution clean sticker 140

Indoor high resolution per SQ
photo paper 80
sticker 80
PP paper 70
Removable sticker 120
Clean sticker 120
Back light film 120
Sticker on 5mm KT board 150
Sticker on 5mm paper board 180
Sticker on 1mm PVC board 180
Sticker on 3mm PVC board 260
Sticker on 5mm PVC board 340

* Min order HK$30 / material.
* Prices are subject to change without notice.



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